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GSPlus 0.14-0
Platform : Linux
Console : Apple II GS
GSPlus Install
Platform : Mac
Console : Apple II GS
GSPlus Win-sdl
Platform : Windows
Console : Apple II GS

Apple II GS

Apple II GS is the most powerful model of Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer. With the name GS refers to graphics and sound, referring to its enhanced multimedia capabilities, especially its sound and synthesis music from the current panorama, which greatly surpassed previous models of the line and most modern machines , such as the Macintosh and IBM PC. Apple II GS is not just famous because it was the most powerful at that time, but also because of the best sellers games such as: Strip Poker II, Championship Basketball - Two-On-Two and many others. A long time have passed since the release of Apple II GS and it is very hard to find cheap and working machine, but fortunately we have a lot of people with advanced IT knowledge who were able to create Apple II GS emulator and port games to ROMs. You are able to download everything free that you need to play Apple II GS roms games on RomsLand!

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