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Sharp X68000 Boot ROM (1987)(Sharp)
Sharp X68000 Boot ROM (1987)
Console : Sharp X68000
Sharp X68000 CG ROM (1987)(Sharp)
Sharp X68000 CG ROM (1987)
Console : Sharp X68000

Sharp X68000

Sharp X68000, often known as X68K, was a personal computer sold only in Japan. The computer was based on Motorola 68000 processor that was running at 10 MHz frequency, 1 MB of RAM and it didn't have a hard drive. The latest model released in 1993 was based on Motorola 68030 processor that was running at a frequency of 25 MHz, had 4 MB of RAM, and an optional SCSI standard hard drive with capacity of 80 MB. The RAM of this computers could be extended up to 12 MB, but most of the games and programs didn't require more than 2 MB of RAM for their operation. Sharp X68000 roms games can be downloaded for free and played on modern devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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