Sega SG1000

Sega SG1000 or also known as SEGA Game 1000 – a video game console of the second generation released by Sega Company. SG-1000, It was first launched into the market in a first phase of testing in Japan in 1981 and finally released to the Japanese market in July 1983 by ¥15,000. The console didn't get much success in that market. However, the system was sold well in Asia up to 1985. It was also marketed in Australia by John Sands, in New Zealand by Grandstand Leisure Limited, and in other countries such as Italy, Spain, and South Africa. The console in its original version never reached North America, its name is synonymous with Sega Game 1000. Anyway for the short life of the console, many third party developers have released unique games for it, which you can find in Sega SG1000 roms games section and download for free. All of them can be played on your computer with the use of emulator software.