Nintendo Gameboy

Game Boy was design by Gunpei Yokoi, a Nintendo employee, designs a portable video game console whose power is comparable to that of NES (Famicom in Japan), but whose screen is monochrome to allow low selling price and reduced battery consumption. Even with a minimalist graphic quality, the game Boy has been able to win thanks to many advantages: small size(better than game gear or the Lynx), low price, great autonomy and catalog of games as rich as varied. The success of the machine will lead Nintendo to use the Game Boy brand for several of his successors, including the Game Boy Color, in 1998, and the Game Boy Advance, in 2001. Based on the same principles of simplicity and low consumption, these two consoles are compatible with the games of the original game Boy. All of the Gameboy games can be downloaded for free on here RomsLand. And play them on your computer, android or ios device with the help of emulators that you can also find on here too.