Capcom Play System 2

Capcom Play System 2 (CPS-2 is a motherboard system for recreational machines that debuted in 1993 with the Super Street Fighter II game. The CPS-2 consists of 2 separate parts; The A plate, which connects to the JAMMA harness and contains the common components for all CPS-S games, and the B board, which contains the game as such. The relationship between plates A and B are basically the same as between a home console and game cartridges. CPS-2 system plates A and B are identified by color codes by region, and each board can only be used with one of the same color. There are some emulators for multiple operating systems that emulate this system, for example MAME and more emulators. Install it and start fight with the famus game roms of fighting series like Street Fighter II and laters version.

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